SIM2M for CCTV systems

By equipping a pre-programmed SIM2M 4G router with a professional PAY-AS-USE SIM2M card and then establishing a network connection between the router and security cameras, you can view surveillance images remotely. The combination of this router and SIM2M card allows port forwarding and/or fixed IP address via DYNDNS. Ideal if you want to view surveillance images remotely on sites where there is no internet available.

SIM2 M voor CCTV systemen Orange
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Full control with SIM2M Manager

The SIM2M cards you link to CCTV alarm system can be managed from 1 platform: SIM2M Manager. Via this management platform, you can consult or change the status (active/inactive) of your SIM cards online, from anywhere. You can monitor your consumption yourself and, if necessary, switch to another data package to save costs. You also save time, because you don't have to depend on others to have your SIM2M card activated or stopped.

Advantages of SIM2M technology for the alarm installer

Full coverage within Europe

Our SIM2M data packages give you acces to all available networks in Europe.

The strongest network automatically

Our SIM2M cards automatically choose the provider with the strongest signal within Europe.

No fixed subscription period

Our SIM2M cards can be stopped monthly and reactivated whenever you want.

No unexpected costs

Thanks to our FLAT-FEE solution, additional costs are never charged. You determine your maximum price at any time.

Concrete SIM2M applications for CCTV

"The perfect communication back-up"

The recording device usually connects to a wired network connection. If this connection is lost, our SIM2M cards can be used as a backup. A connection to the recording device can then still be made via the SIM2M mobile data connection. With this backup function you can be sure that the device is always available.

"PRO IP with port forwarding"

Each device has its own location or IP address within a network. Port forwarding allows devices in private networks to securely connect to the Internet and to make them accessible from a distance.

Our professional PAY-AS-USE SIM2M cards have a public IP address which allows you to program port forwarding on your router. In this way you can remotely access the devices linked to the SIM2M equipped router from anywhere. Think, for example, of viewing surveillance images on a construction site where there is no fixed internet available.

"The solution for sites where there is no internet"

Our SIM2M cards allow you to create a data connection in places where there is no internet. This by connecting the SIM2M card to a 4G router. On sites where, for example, no wired internet is available, you can still consult the surveillance images of the recorder that is connected to the 4G router of the site in this way.