SIM2M for alarm systems

An alarm system that's equipped with a communicator and a SIM2M card can forward alarm or status messages to the control room, cloud or mobile phone of the end user.

Our multi-network SIM2M cards are suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G and GPRS communication, allowing your alarm system devices to be connected to your network anywhere and anytime. Their data packages range from 1MB to 500MB and more. If you need more data, you can easily switch to a different data volume.

SIM2 M voor alarmsystemen Orange
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Full control with SIM2M Manager

The SIM2M cards you link to your alarm system can be managed from 1 platform: SIM2M Manager. Via this management platform, you can consult or change the status (active/inactive) of your SIM cards online, from anywhere. You can monitor your consumption yourself and, if necessary, switch to another data package to save costs. You also save time, because you don't have to depend on others to have your SIM2M card activated or stopped.

Advantages of SIM2M technology for the alarm installer

Full coverage within Europe

Our SIM2M data packages give you acces to all available networks in Europe.

The strongest network automatically

Our SIM2M cards automatically choose the provider with the strongest signal within Europe.

No fixed subscription period

Our SIM2M cards can be stopped monthly and reactivated whenever you want.

No unexpected costs

Thanks to our FLAT-FEE solution, additional costs are never charged. You determine your maximum price at any time.

Concrete SIM2M applications for alarm

"The perfect communication back-up"

An alarm system usually communicates with the control room via a wired network connection or fixed telephone line. If this connection is down, our SIM2M cards can be used as a backup. A connection to the control room is then made via the SIM2M mobile data connection.

"Everyday safety for the elderly or people in need of assistance"

Elderly people or people in need of assistance sometimes wear an emergency transmitter around their wrist or neck, with which they can activate an emergency call. The emergency transmitter is connected to the alarm system, which usually sends the emergency signals to the control room or family via the internet. Our SIM2M cards ensure that alarm notifications are communicated to the right people even in the event of an internet failure.

"The solution for sites where there is no internet"

At sites where no wired means of communication are available, our SIM2M technology can be used to connect an alarm system to the control room. Think, for example, of construction sites where no utilities are yet available.